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Title: “Tesla In Love”
Fandom: Sanctuary
Characters: Nikola, Henry
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill - Happy Halloween!
Summary: Nikola is in love. 
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Nikola Tesla.
Disclaimer: You may ask who died and left me the rights to Sanctuary and its characters. Sttttillll hoping. 

"Tesla in Love"

You're a handsome devil. )
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My second [livejournal.com profile] gsd_rtfn week was a success! Fabulous news. Now, when May starts, I'm going to be working nearly exclusively (that's my goal anyway) on a fic I started... oh probably two months ago? -  which I thought was going to be a simple, straight forward, quick, cute AU one shot. That does not seem to be the case. Now, this is no novel (at least I don't think it will be, if it does turn out to bed one I don't know how I'll ever manage to edit it), but it has gotten much longer than expected and I really don't think it's anywhere near complete. I have to figure out exactly how the ending is going to work too. I have the general idea, but the there's a lot of technicalities I haven't quite got figured out yet. My point (I'm loopy, exhausted, and my eyes are going crossed so please forgive me) is that, starting May 1st, the majority of my writing time will be dedicated to making that story work as a unit (I have loads of parts written that need to be connected) which means I won't have a lot of time for my other stories. Because that is the case, my goal is to have Truth or Dare Part 5 ready for the editor's desk by the time I go to bed on the night of April 30th/ the morning of May 1st. 

At this point my eyes are too tired to focus very well so editing this/reading over this to see if it makes sense is nigh impossible. Plus I really can't be bothered. Sorry for that. Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow, but probably not. 

Night ladies and gents. 

P.S./Note to Self: It is probably not a good thing that you prioritize your "to write" goal over all the other things on your "to do" list. Some days I wonder how you manage to get to work. 
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Right Fucking Now

Get Shit Done with [livejournal.com profile] hd_writers | Monday 28th March - Monday 4th April | Banner by [livejournal.com profile] failed_mission


Title:  (tentatively) "Just Like a Fairytale" (Magical AU)
Paring: Steve/Danny H50
Starting Word Count: 3601
My work is: In progress

Snippet: )
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Title: Except in Bed
Genre: Gen, Humor, Sillyness
Rating: PG/PG-13 for the concepts
Spoilers: None. 
Warnings: None 
Pairings: None
Word Count: ~240 
Summary: The team reads their fortune cookies. 
Disclaimer: H50 belongs to me! Muuuahahahahhahahaha! ... in my dreams (CBS has all the rights) - which is why I spend loads all of my spare time writing stories like this for fun and then posting them on lj and AO3 in exchange for love <3

A/N: This is an ode/homage to or rip off of this XCKD strip.

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] purple_spock !

Link to A03

A break from paperwork and fortune cookies )
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For years, YEARS (about 12) I thought the whole fanfic thing was silly.  I started reading a bit in November and since mid-December I have written and posted (there's stuff I haven't posted yet, although much of it was lost in the great external hard drive tragedy of 2011 *cries*) over 30,000 words of fanfic (approximately 10k a month apparently - all of it utter drivel), GRANTED not all in one story BUT STILL. 

I've read a bit of the Sherlock slash, but honestly the only fandom that appeals to me is H50, essentially Danny/Steve, though occasionally I'll read some of the other stuff.. I do not know what happened. I could not tell you why. All I can say is that I hope this continues and that my crap writing can get just a little bit better. 

<3 and Peace

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Title: Corporate Nonsense
Genre: RPF, kind of, about shenanigans at H50 writer's room
Word count: 320

no pairings, choose your own slash, sillyness

I don’t know what it is, but this is how I picture things going down at CBS, regardless of your ‘ship.

Copy to H50 writer's room  )
(Click Here)
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Dear Me, 

I'm currently hating to love your brain, and loving to hate your brain, and very completely annoyed with the continued shenanigans issuing from it. Hope it all continues for a very long time to come, 




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