Mar. 24th, 2017

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I was able to do some more work on my room today - big stuff like rearranging furniture and vacuuming the shit out of places that haven’t seen light in 10 years and probably won’t see light for another decade! I haven’t gotten everything arranged perfectly yet but the new flow of the room is definitely starting to move and it’s lovely. When I say “flow”, I don’t mean that in a Feng Shui way - well actually I don’t know anything about that so maybe that doesn’t even bare mentioning. 

After all the moving around furniture and vacuuming which followed a day on the job, I do have to say I am a little bit sleepy. A lot of me is a bit sore and tired because I have been spending a lot of time changing my entire life so I feel like I’m justified in being a little sleepy. Actually, I don’t think sleepy is the right word because I don’t feel remotely sleepy right now. Right now I feel physically spent but I feel emotionally light and mentally buoyant. I guess that’s a side effect of feeling like you’re moving in the right direction for your life. 

I’m the one asked to check on things like cable bills and special promotions which makes sense but I also am not a big fan. In fact, in the past I would’ve take three weeks just to work up the nerve to call about information. Today I was able to call - first day with a flyer in front of me so I’m really proud of that. There is a lot with me that I really think is moving forward right now and I’m just really excited about it. 

I think the day is catching up with me. I’m definitely starting to fade! 

There’s so much more I want to talk about and say but I think I’m going to have to forgive myself right now and just rest. I still have a lot more to do on my room (I have probably 85% of the job done, maybe even 90%, but I’ve been working on this job for at least a few weeks now). 

Night y’all. 

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My room is amazing! I’m so pleased with how everything came together. The only thing is going to be changing my bedding - that is gonna be a bit tricky unfortunately but I think it’s totally worth it. I have such a nice space and everything just feels so nice. I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with the results. I have a little writing/computer work nook which is lovely. My loveseat and my bed are situated across from my TV so I can enjoy watching and so can a friend. Plus I was able to bring my speaker/ottoman out of the corner and place it in front of the loveseat so if I (or a friend) sit on the loveseat I can put my feet up and relax watching TV or I can put on music or an audiobook to enjoy. I used it to play my audiobook while I was working and it was wonderful! I have some things to put on the wall and there is work I’ll have to do on my bathroom but I am so pleased with my room I can barely stand it. I have busted my ass for this and it’s totally worth it. I can barely keep my eyes open any more thought guys so I’m gonna have to pass out. 

Peace and love. 


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