Mar. 23rd, 2017

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It’s been a good day folks. I am tired though! I should probably get to bed earlier at night but I’m just so excited about moving my furniture and my room. And it’s basically all I can think about. I’ve been trying to write and edit but it’s just about impossible to do anything but rearrange furniture in my head and estimate furniture dimensions. I’ve also got some new wall art which I am so, so excited to get and put up. If everything works out as I hoped, which if I measured and did math correctly (questionable) I’m going to have it set up so that the love seat and the bed both are comfortable viewing for the TV which will be fun. The bed already is, but the love seat is just so so and I’m just not in love with it where it is any more. I think moving it would be better. I think it will also be set up fairly well for exercising 

More importantly, however, I think I’m going to be able to set up a nook for me and my computer so that when I’m writing/typing on my computer I’ll be tucked away with my seat situated so I can enjoy my room. I’m very excited. I just think this is going to be so, so nice. It already feels so much better in my room and I still have piles of random stuff and a few empty boxes that I’m working on filling and the TV is on the floor. Seriously, even with all that mess going on, it still feels better in my room. 

I have taken off Friday. I know I just took of Monday, but I want to get the furniture situation sorted so I can start putting things in place. I’m going to have to take a ton of stuff out of the room to be able to move the furniture around so while there is a shit on less in there, it’s still going to take me time to figure all that out. Thankfully my mom is retired and she’s going to help me with the furniture. It would’ve been nice if Dad was going to be home to help too but he’s down with the flu so he’s staying at his little condo in Myrtle Beach so that he - hopefully - doesn't spread it to anyone else. The doctor he say yesterday said he was going to be super contagious through Saturday so that didn’t sound fun to any of us. According to him, dad has like the mega flu (he’s a whiny baby when he’s sick). Anyway, I’m exhausted and I need to go to sleep.

I’m just so excited. 


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