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Update on the fireworks, there are a ton of people putting off fireworks right at the beach and lemme tell you something, South Carolina Fireworks are not dicking around. There were so many people putting off good fireworks that I honestly felt like I should’ve had to pay for the pleasure of seeing the show. It’s been about an hour since they started and they’re still going out there. I can hear them bursting about 50 yards away from our condo balcony. It was glorious. I really do love fireworks. My mom is like a kid in a candy store or waiting up for Santa so I must have gotten that love from her. Dad likes to tease her about it but dad likes to tease her about pretty much everything. 

Tomorrow is our last day here. I may try to get up earlier than I have been in order to enjoy the sun before it becomes midday brutal. I love sunbathing and reading. Dad always wants to sit in the pool and talk or sit beside the pool and talk and mom likes to sit on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water and talk. Not that I mind that, I enjoy that too. I’d just like to do more laying quietly and reading than they do. It’s one of my favorite pastimes and it’s only available to do properly a few months out of the year. Granted, I’m not much less cranky about being interrupted reading in another form or fashion either. 

The worst is when someone, usually Dad (mom always says my name a few times before she starts talking), starts talking to me about something and I don’t realize they’re talking to me until they start asking me questions. Listen, if my book is open, you do not have my attention in any way shape or form and you’re going to have to say everything you just said all over again. Sometimes my mouth answers even though my brain is still very much immersed in whatever it is I’m reading. That’s the worst because whoever was talking to me thinks that I’m in agreement with them when in reality I have absolutely no idea that they were even talking, let alone what they said. I’ve gotten in trouble for not doing something “I said I would do” when they asked me while I was reading. Not bad trouble, just annoyed with me trouble. “I asked you to empty the dishwasher.” “When?” “Just a few minutes ago. You said you would.” “No, I didn’t.” “Yes, you did.” “I’ve been reading. I didn’t hear you ask me anything.” There face is usually something like >_< 

I really do love reading and when I am in a book, really in a book, and that movie is playing in my head it is hell trying to get my attention and keep it. Even if you pull me away, I’m usually slow to leave and quick to jump back. I recommend making sure that I have marked a place in my book and closed it and put it down before you try to engage in a conversation. Even then, there's really no guarantee that I’m going to “with you.” There’s a good chance I’m going to be, well, mentally in my book, wondering about what’s going to happen next. 

I love that feeling. That feeling of transportation to another world, that sense of virtual reality that comes with really getting in a story. More than anything I want to create that for others. Pull them and and take them on an adventure that doesn't let them go. That brings them back again, again to the heart of the characters and the world. If I could manage that, even if it’s just for a few people, I’d be overjoyed. That’s why I need to get back in my writing habit again. I can’t do that if I don’t practice. Some people have that talent naturally and I wish I had a little more of naturally but that doesn’t me I can’t learn. I can learn. I just have to work. I have to work hard. I have a lot to do to get ready for a lot of things, I just have be to brave and determined. I just have to not give up.

This will do for today I think, but I need to be back tomorrow. And the next day. 


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