Apr. 29th, 2017


Apr. 29th, 2017 12:17 am
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I do love being at the beach. Being here though for writing is kind of hard. With three of us in a space of about 600 square feet there’s just no way not to be under someone’s feet or have someone under your feet. Plus I like being near the porch so I can see the ocean or out on the porch and so does everyone else. I mean you certainly don’t want to come all the way down to the beach, make the several hour trip, and then not be near the ocean. Duh. But so does everyone else. Then to make it more fun, there’s only one bedroom so usually mom and I have the beds in the bedroom and Dad sleeps on the Murphy bed in the living room. The living/dining/kitchen areas are all open and connected so you can’t, say, sit at the kitchen table without annoying someone who is sleeping on the Murphy bed. You can’t be in the bedroom without keeping mom awake. I could go on the porch, possibly, but that still means coming past Murphy bed in the dark. 

Granted, no one is in bed yet. I could, I supposed, lock myself in the bedroom at this point but there are two issues I have with that. 1) It’s over looking the parking lot and the open hallway like space where people walk back and forth from there places to the elevators - not scenic, not peaceful. 2) I haven't seen dad in a couple of weeks and I won’t see him for a couple more after this so I’d rather not lock myself away. I know I still need to write. It’s really important. And not just that I write, but that I meet my goals. I’ve done it all week, reached 1000 words every day. It’s been great getting so much work done on Wynonna Earp. It’s basically done. I mean it’ll need to be edited of course and that will mean add some, lose some. But the story is down which feels complete if not precisely finished. 

I love having a story down. 

I need to work on my Mrs. Claus story. I have a basic idea of who she is. She’s a race car driver and she wants to get back into stunts. My problem is plot. Is it enough to show her having to get passed people who think that women, especially an old lady, aren’t professional drivers? Is a commercial stunt the way I want to go? I think it is. I mean, I can’t see her being able to get to racing. I mean in that in it would ruin her cover as the ACTUAL Mrs. Claus and I don’t think I want that for the story. At the very least that’s not what I was thinking I wanted to do with the story. I guess that could very well be a point of plot. The stories are supposed to be Mrs. Claus empowering, I just hadn’t considered the idea of her revealing herself and her husband in the process. 

It could be fun though, I suppose. But then, I think the trouble would  be that since she is a creature steeped in the magical world that there would be some rule made that she was cheating and she’d get kicked out. Although of course, that could be a plot point too. Either fighting the ruling for all magical creatures or creating a special league for them. That could be fun! I’ll definitely have to keep thinking on it. 

I was out late last night for “Wuthering Heights” which was specially re-designed as a ballet. My friend Emily and I went to see it. We enjoyed ourselves immensely although I think mostly because we were together. The ballet was quite good. There was a pre-show too, MAPS I think it was called. It was incredible. It was like visual mediation. I mean the athleticism was incredible, the emotion was vibrate. But watching put me in the kind of mind place that I’m always aiming for when I mediate. Lost in the flow of quiet and inner peacefulness. There was one movement (?) where it was only one person and they danced without any music. It was both disconcerting and amazing. 

We’d gone to dinner first which was delicious. I also drank half a glass of wine. It was so fun. Truly. 

My friend Jay and I are going to do a StoryADay challenge for May that I’m excited to do. Of course, I feel a little stressed and scared too. It’s not easy to write a whole story never mind write a whole story in one day. I’ve been trying to have patience for longer stories, but I also think that writing whole stories all at once will be good practice too. Going through the process of beginning, middle, and end - even if they’re truncated - I think will be great. Plus, I think the pressure on the need to be creative and come up with new story lines - ones I can mostly manage in a day - will be fantastic practice for writing. I can’t remember the last time that I finished a whole story in one day though it may have been when I wrote a little mini perspective peice for Danny Williams from Hawaii 5-0 6 or 7 years ago when the show was still in it’s first season. 

I didn’t get home until like midnight what with dinner and the ballet and all and then I worked half a day and then we drove down to the beach. I am so, so tired. It’s also started to get late because I’m scattered and unfocused. I keep yawning constantly, my eyes are watering, and it’s almost impossible to keep them open. I’m hoping I’m close enough to my goal to call it a night. I can’t keep functioning! I gotta go sleep. 


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