Mar. 13th, 2017

March 13th

Mar. 13th, 2017 10:52 pm
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I told my boss about the mistake I made at work so that’s the first step towards making it better. We’ll see what happens next.He wasn’t mad or anything, well, he didn’t act mad anyway. I am mad at myself plenty granted, and I’m sure he knows that about me. I don’t know yet how things will work out but I’m hopefully (and prayerful) that they will. I’ve been doing my best to put aside my anxiousness aside and stay in whatever moment I’m in. I succeed at some moments better than others but I think that is just life in general. 
I’ve still been spending too much time playing phone games which irks me a little. I deleted all the candy crush type games and basically every game that had in-app purchases (other than maybe an “ad fee” version) and I haven’t re downloaded any of them but I do still have solitaire, sudoku, and mahjong solitaire and I’ve spent several hours in the last few days playing sudoku. Part of me is like “but you were listening to your book so it’s cool” but the part of me that wants to make her life better thinks I could’ve been working on my closet, cleaning my bathroom, or walking. I mean eventually I did take the dog for a walk but I could’ve walked just for exercise in general too. 
This leads me to wonder if I should get rid of those games too. I don’t want to. I feel like it’s nice to have a little something to play on the phone and/or on the iPad but I worry at how wrapped up I get in those games and how they’re gulping away my time and my time could be put towards much more important, helpful, fulfilling things. 
I know it’s good to have a “brain break” but I can’t say that I really feel like my brain is rested or better able to focus after I’ve been playing. If anything I feel like I want to play more (which is distracting) and sometimes because of the ways my eyes have to focus, my vision ends up a little fuzzy for a bit which can’t be good. 
This is something Ill probably have to put some more thought into. I’d say I was only allowed to spend so much time per day or week or something, but I have the damnedest time putting the games down - it’s always “just one more round.” 
Anyway, I’m wiped out. The time change always leaves me groggy and frustrated. 


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