Apr. 27th, 2017

float_on_alright: leverage mischief managed (leverage mischief managed)

I think I did it, I think I finished my Wynonna Earp fic! I need to edit it. Right after I finish editing my Mark/Vex story. I have a lot of editing to work on actually. There's something's I started looking over for Rebby that I need to work on too. I'd like to have them done in the next couple of weeks. Of course I've signed up for the StoryADay challenge to do too with another friend of mine. I also want to get my website up. I also want to write my Mrs. Claus story. Of course if I can do enough of that over the next two days I may be able to finish it on May1st and then I will have completed the story that day. That's probably not 100% what the challenge is designed for, but any time I finish a story I call it a win. 

And of course I have 10,678,291,364,865 books I want to read.

I honestly don't think that's an exaggeration. 

Ugh an
d the humidity is fucking with my hair and I don't like it.

Alright. I gotta pass out. Night y'alll.  


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