Sep. 19th, 2017

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I have four work days left at Scholastic and it honestly hasn’t felt real, until today. Today was the moment that it started to feel real. I’d been plugging away on the tasks and contacting people and I’ve been so busy that I really haven’t had time to realize that I’m about to be moving on to a new job. I’ve been sort of settled into Scholastic. And there have been so many amazing experiences there and that the same time there have been a lot of tough ones too. 

The weird thing is that I’ve become a bit of a go to person at the office. I’ve become a person that people ask for advice and suggestions and information and for coaching and I’m about to leave that and start over. I’m about to have to learn a million new things, take on unknown new challenges, get to know new people. 

I need to write about this more and process this more, but I’m too tired now. I got too wrapped up in Midnight Texas finale stuff and now it’s waaayyyy to late for me to process this. Tomorrow is gonna be rough. 

Happy Kate

Sep. 19th, 2017 10:21 pm
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I have three days left at Scholastic. I’m trying to get a podcast done before Friday which should be interesting. I was going to do it tonight, but I decided not to instead, lol. I got into the book I was listening to, but also I just didn’t wanna tonight. I just didn’t want to do anything if I’m honest. I should probably be in bed already but instead, I’m rewatching bits of Midnight Texas because I’m obsessed and I want to live in the world where my ship is canon. Because I have so few straight ‘ships, I rarely get to enjoy this. Or at least it feels that way. Granted, even a few of my straight ships didn’t happen. In the Avengers movie universe I was hoping that Clint Barton would end up with Darcy, even though they literally never meet in canon. I don’t even remember how that started for me, but there you go. And then I thought, if not Darcy then he should definitely be with Natasha. But no, they didn’t do that either. 

Actually, that still annoys me. If they weren’t going to hook him up with Bobbi Morse or Natasha Romanoff like he does in the comic books for a while then he should've been a sketchy, broke bachelor in a crappy ass apartment in … Queens or the Bronx or whatever borough that man is living in during Matt Fraction's series. This whole thing with him in a farmhouse and fifteen children, just does not ring true for me. I don’t know what it is about that scenario but I just cannot buy it. It’s not that I don’t like the actress who plays his wife. I do like her, she’s great. And her character is great! At least what little we know of her. Supporting him and believing in him and trusting him through all the crazy, stupid, avengers crap. I’d really like to know how she handled the brainwashing thing from the first go round, because I think she would’ve handled it like a boss. But the direction they took with his private life still pisses me off. 

I did get Grimm, which I’m pretty thankful about it and I mean, Wayhaught GIVES ME LIFE. Honestly, I could probably live for centuries on the power of Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp’s incredible love for each other. And of course my original OTP was Ron and Hermione. Do they have a ship name? I never thought about it. I didn’t really get into Harry Potter fanfiction for all that I believe the Harry Potter series is one of the best things ever to exist. 

I’m not sure what point I had in writing all this tonight. I think I just needed to brain vomit for a bit. 

The book I’m reading is really good, and really interesting and you know I love a good gay romance. 

And now I really do need to go to bed but instead I’m watching bits of the last episode of Grimm because I mentioned how much I love Nick and Adalind. I wonder if I’m in the majority there or in the minority on that. Those two started as enemies and Adalind has done some pretty shitty things, but even when she was a villian I loved her. I realize that my love of Adalind is something I have rambled about previously but it seems relevant. 

Some of my other ‘ships include Root and Shaw who were in love with each other in canon but of course one of them died which means I pretty much refuse to count them. If one of them ends up dead, then they’re not canon any more and I can’t live in the happy place of a canon couple. Sorry, not sorry. 

I was well invested in Mary and Marshall in “In Plain Sight” and I’m still pissed about them not working out -- another thing I have bitched about in the past. 

Steve and Danny on Hawaii 5-0 were my very first fanfic ship and if there are any shows that write characters like they’re in a long term relationship better than the writers who write that show, I haven’t seen it. I’ve seen a shit ton of canon couples who don’t get written that well. I’ve mostly made peace with the fact that they’ll never get together in the show. 

The ship I’ve shipped the longest and possibly the hardest is Sterek, probably. Wayhaught is a close second but because they get to play out on the show I don’t obsess about the fanfic as much. 

You know what, Emily Andreas continues to be my hero because she gave me Bo and Lauren and Mark and Vex. I’m still upset that Hale died, but at least I know that Kenzi will join him in the afterlife per the almost wedding in season… four I think? God Bless Emily Andreas. 

Gosh, it’s really nice to have canon ships. It just really, really is. It was so rare for years, and now I have a few. Some of them are even queer! I have Hollstien, Wayhaught, Mark x Vex, Chuy and Joe, Camille and Amanda, Magnus and Alec, Maggie and Alex. I think I’m even forgetting some! I’m desperately holding my breath for Alex and Magnus shit in Ship of the Dead. Like I am jumping out of my skin for that next book. 

I really am rambling a lot, aren't I? It must be bedtime. 


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