Jun. 1st, 2017

May report

Jun. 1st, 2017 11:22 pm
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I’m really pleased about my overall success for May when it came to my writing projects. I’m still a little behind on my editing and I have some homework to do for my “Lit Mag Love” course. I wanted to work on that more this week at work, but unfortunately I had a good bit of work to do and for some reason I couldn’t get on the course site at work. I found that really strange. I mean, they don’t block Facebook, livejournal, dreamwidth, or anything else I’ve come across so far so I have have a hard time understanding why that one would be off limits. The only I can come up with has to do with the website being out of Canada. Chrome says it’s a DNS error. I tried a few things it suggested but no dice. It’s just really strange. 

Anyway, on to other things. I'm also really proud of myself for working on getting past my submission issues. I’ve submitted one story to an anthology which I did earlier this week and then today I submitted a story to a writing competition because why not try?

I know I’ve talked about anxiety previously and my issues with it. Today I heard my brain start spiraling into the anxiety vortex. So I “thought” to it, “You wanna be scared? Well, I’m going to make you submit a story to that writing competition you’ve been eyeing for months. How ‘bout that? I’ll give you something to be scared of!” And then I laughed because two things happened. One, I thought of those times when dad said something like “Are you crying? If you don’t stop crying, I’m going to give you something to cry about!” That didn't make any sense at the time, but it actually worked for the most part in stopping my brain in its tracks. I don’t know if I sort of startled it out of the cycle (I really hadn't realized what was about to think to myself) or if this is something I’ll be able to employ at other times that my brain has tried to overthrow me trying to be rational, but you can bet your ass I’ll be trying it again when I can. 

I’m pretty worn out tonight. I rushed to finish and edit the story I submitted and I’ve had some other projects too. My parents got home today from their trek out west so I spent some time with them. I was thankful that someone else had  walked her by the time I got home. Seriously that was a huge relief. 

I’m not sure what I want to write next but I know I need to have something on hand so I can start submitting to literary magazines here shortly. I can’t submit if I don’t have anything written. I may have to retry that “Story a Day” challenge for a little while until something really pulls me in. I can stop once I have something that I really want to explore as a story and then pick up again once I’ve finished something. 

I wish I was awake enough to write a little more but considering how hard I’ve worked towards submitting today and editing, I’m going to give myself a break. I’d like to still average 1,000 words a day because I think it’s important to keep the volume pretty high. I also need to keep working on what my submission will be for the DragonCon writing workshop that I need to have completed and sent in by August 1st. I need to have it in by July 31st because that’s when I’ll be back at work and I’ll been gone for several weeks at that point so I could have a good bit of stuff to catch up on. 

Okay, I’m falling asleep as I try to type this. Night!


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