Apr. 18th, 2017

float_on_alright: not lazy just energy saving (not lazy just energy saving)

After powering through a sinus headache enough to write a bit, I was trying to erase just a little bit - like half a sentence - and I guess the backspace got locked or something and it ended up deleting like large parts of paragraphs and when I tried to stop it, i moved the cursor and ended up deleting parts of other sentences/paragraphs. I am annoyed, but I know about the retrieval feature on Google Docs now thanks to the Drunken Disaster Of a Random Friday a couple of weeks ago so I know that tomorrow I'll be able to calmly and rationally get back what I need. Or at least enough for me not to go murdering anything. 

I had originally planned to mostly focus on my Wynonna fic tonight and I did add a little to it but I got caught up with an idea for a topic I want to write about for the professional blog/website I will be starting in the next month or so. I didn't want to lose the idea while I had it so I wrote enough that I can dig into it more later and I shouldn't have to worry about whether or not I'll forget what I was planning to say since there's enough there to see the point I wanted to make. 

I want to do an updated "life goals" post soon and an mid-April update as well but that will have to be another night. The sinuses have put me in the mindset to go to bed early tonight and get some sleep so sleep I believe I shall. Night y'all. 


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