Apr. 14th, 2017

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Big few days! 

I’m trying to remember everything. My friend and I dubbed yesterday Crazy Thursday. Normally we like alliteration with these things but we just couldn’t think of anything better. 

First, I had a crazy busy day yesterday while most of the rest of my coworkers had almost no work. Fun times. 

Second, I got some texts from a wrong number and I was confused. Someone sent me pictures of a precious little possum! They realized that they’d sent the photos to the wrong person but it was a pleasant surprise to get the photos. 

Third, I got asked on a date! We’re going out next weekend. It’s been like four years so my last date so that’s pretty exciting. I think it’s going to be fun. She seems really cool. 

Fourth… yeah, I don’t know what fourth was. 

I'm pretty sure there was a fourth so I may have to remember that later. 

Today was wonderful though too. Work was mostly quiet and we got to leave at 1pm instead of working the whole day so I am super excited about that. And the favorite cup I couldn’t find turned up so that was wonderful too. I got a little bit of Wynonna done and I have a decent idea of how I want the story to go now so I’m pleased about that too. 

I got an iPhone 7 Plus!!! Rose gold. I am really excited about finding a case for it because of course I am. 

Well, I am worn out and I need to update my goals on writing dot com so I’m out for tonight. Laters!


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