Apr. 12th, 2017

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I have had a pretty long day though not at all a bad one. If anything it’s been good. Laughed a lot. Saw good people. Enjoyed some sunshine. Went to communion with mom. Watched a really interesting presentation about blogging and platform building. With lots going on at work, including a 1.5 hour meeting and trying to get to all my schools before they’re off for the next few days, I didn’t have time to do any writing. I did start brainstorming how I want the Wynonna Earp story to flow. I have a few scenes I like but I’m “stuck” trying to find the flow between them and how I want to wrap up the story. Like there’s one scene with Waverly and Nicole which is pretty much my main goal in writing this story… 

Shit. I just realized I am writing the story because I want to have that scene and I just need a few other things in order to get to that scene which means the reason I’m stuck may be because I’ve been trying to write a story that goes from point A to point G when what I really want to write is point C to E. 

This is one of the reasons I love journaling about writing. I know it’s fanfiction and all but writing about the experience of writing seems to clarify a whole lotta shit for me or give me leverage when I’m stuck in the mud.

It’s kind of fascinating, honestly, that writing about writing is so helpful. 

It’s nearly 11:30 now and I’ve got work tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll have a busy day. I hope to do more writing tomorrow. I actually got a good chunk written for something I would kind of like to post on Medium yesterday so I feel good about my overall progress for the week. In other good news, it looks like we’re going to get to leave work early on Friday! Woot! Alright, I’m out. 


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