Apr. 6th, 2017

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I’m so freaking excited for tomorrow. One of my really good friends is coming over tomorrow and we’re going to have a girl’s night and make vision boards and have cocktails. I’m so stoked! I’ve been wanting to try out the whole vision board thing for a month or two now. I’ve printed off some pretty things to put on it that I’m excited about too. I’m really gonna enjoy the process and the result I think but the best part of course is that Emily and I will be doing fun things together. We have so much fun at work but it’ll be so nice for it just to be the two of us and for us to enjoy just each other’s company. 
I want to go to bed. But I also want to watch more Wynonna Earp. But I need to go to bed. I'd like to write more but I need to shower in the morning and I’ve been busy! I did do some editing, passed another test for my sign language course as well as practice some new signs, read, went to an after work meeting about doing podcasts for books, went to the grocery store, cleaned up a few things for Emily’s visit tomorrow, and made dinner. I’m gonna call it a night I think. 


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