Apr. 5th, 2017

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I have decided that any reviews I write on the writing website I will count towards my review goal and anything I write for my books/goodreads/netgalley I'm going to count towards my writing goal. That probably sounds a little weird, but I want to do a few reviews for the site specifically but those are different than things I publish for the general public. I guess to me the reviews on goodreads, etc. are me stating general opinions and impressions of the story as well as whether or not I would recommend it. Reviews on the writing website on the other hand, won't be seen by the general public and are more in line with editing than with writing because they do include compliments they also include constructive criticism and specific suggestions. My intent when I'm working on them is very different. Even the way I read the things I'm reviewing is different. Things I read for goodreads I mostly read for fun or for self improvement. Things I read for the website I read because I want to help other writers in their pursuit of enhancing their writing skills. 

This difference feels good to me. I didn't divide the reviews like this last month and it left me feeling a little off balance. Since I've written a goodreads review tonight, I'm not going to extensively write elsewhere. I would like to read a little more but I think I'm going to just have to pass out. Peace! 


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