Apr. 3rd, 2017

Goal Angst

Apr. 3rd, 2017 11:14 pm
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I organized my books and I think I’m happy with the outcome. I have nonfiction by title or author last name depending on the book. I felt like the collection of cocktail recipes didn’t have an obvious editor so that one went in by title but “You Are a Badass” has one author. I do have my writing books separated out from the rest. I have a bookcase in my writing nook that’s holding my books about writing as well my notebooks and journals. 
After the non-writing non-fiction books, I put my picture books by author last name. Then I did my kid’s books - things like Kate DiCamillo’s “Because of Winn Dixie” (there are only a few of those). Next, I put my YA books (author last name), and then my adult books. It feels good to have them in that order. 
I posted my weekly goal and one of them is to decide my monthly goal… Yeah, I’m not sure how good that logic is but it seemed like a good idea at the time. 
My other goals are things like getting the yard ready for someone to mow and working more on my sign language modules. I have 6 modules to get through and about 56 days left to do it. The first two were fairly simple but I do think they’re going to get more complicated and in depth so while I got the first two done in a few days, the others probably are gonna need more time. 
I still am not sure about my other goals for the month. I guess I don’t technically have to pick four goals to go for on the monthly list (the choices are writing, reviews, reading, editing, and promotions) and with the sign language course taking up a little more urgency at the moment. 
That said, writing, editing, reviewing, and reading are all things I do regularly and aren’t things I want to stop this month, especially not writing since it’s finally becoming a habit again and certainly not reading because I do that all the time and I’ll definitely want to review some of the things I read. And I know that I want to finish editing my soulmate story (pre- Rebby beta-ing). I guess that just means I need to give myself a bit of a break this month. I know I’ve said that like ten times. Ugh. 
Okay so I think I’m going to want. I’ll go post it so I can get to bed!


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