Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Apr. 2nd, 2017 10:28 pm
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I know I need to decide what my goals for the month are going to be, but I also haven’t decided how I want to organize my bookshelf. I have my picture books first organized by the author last name. But the rest of it is just basically thrown all together. I do have my bottom shelf is dedicated to my study bibles etcetera from the fellowship. But the rest. I have a few nonfiction books (poetry, self help, bartending). I think may maybe the top shelf for the picture books and nonfiction books. Then of course I have kids, YA, and an assortment of sci-fi, romance, general fiction and goodness knows what else. I can’t decide if I want to do just fiction and nonfiction or break the fiction down further than that. Also, do I separate the nonfiction? It’s been so long (ah, probably 10 years) since I was able to organize my books so I’m a little excited and daunted by the prospect. 

I still need to sort out my goals for the month and I’ll need to decide my goals for the week as well. I have started an online self-paced sign language course that needs to be completed within 60 days. There are tests/exams to take along the way and while you only have to score about 55% to pass, it still means getting through a good bit of material in a brief amount of time. Since I started about 3 days ago, I have about 57 days left to go so I really need to make sure that I get through a good chunk of the material by the end of the month. I think there are about 10 “modules” to get through and I’ve gotten about 93% on the tests for the first two modules but I have a feeling that the modules will get progressively more difficult as I go along. 

The first module is basic history and the alphabet. The second module is counting 0 - 100 and information about grammar and structure of the language, which as an English nerd is fascinating! ASL is largely based on French Sign Language and incorporates Native American signs as well as gestures that stemmed from gestures people used to communicate amongst family and friends. I always thought that ASL was basically just “American English” as hand signals but in fact the grammar and structure are very different. I’m really enjoying what I’ve learned so far and I hope that the course will give me a good foundation for using the language. I also hope that I can find someone to help me practice. It’s all fine and well and good practicing for myself, but it would be amazing if I could use it in real life at some point. 

The point behind this tangent is that I want to make sure that my goals incorporate my practice with the course. I know I still want to write. I know I still want to read and edit. Hmm, I wonder if I could consider my time studying my sign language course as reading. There is reading involved. I have read each of the first two modules twice to make sure I have a good understanding of the material before I took the quizzes and I imagine I will need that for future sections. Maybe even more. 

I’m thinking I may set my reading goal a little higher and my writing goal about the same. I did beat my writing goal by over 10,000 words so even with one less day in the month and a slightly more spread focus, I think I can still make the 15,500 word goal. I may make it 15,000 to make it even. I may up the editing a little and lower the review score. I’ll probably only count reviews for the writing.com website towards my review word goal and I’ll count reviews for goodreads or what have you as part of my writing goal. I’d beat my reading goal by so much that I actually just stopped recording how much I read the last week or so of the month so like I said I’ll probably raise that one especially if I’m going to count reading “course” material. 

Oh man, I saw the trailer for season two of Wynonna Earp today and HOLY JESUS. I am probably going to have to have a breakdown of excitement eventually but I’m still worn slam out and I’ve got an early morning tomorrow so I’ll just have to put that off a bit longer. 



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