Mar. 30th, 2017

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I did get the last little section from the first attempt at a Wynonna Earp story and added to my new draft of my Wynonna Earp fic today which felt good. I was able to write a little more story too. I’m feeling a little stuck again. I’m not sure if I want to jump straight to action or work on more of their plans for action. I lack confidence in writing action and so I end up putting off writing it which is probably why I’m stuck. I know that going into details about their plans for attacking 1) doesn’t make a lot of sense since Wynonna tends to be a shoot first, shoot second, shoot a little more, and then threaten to shoot whoever is left alive to question until they smart mouth her and she shoots them, 2) the audience doesn't really need it, and 3) writing one thing to procrastinate another is probably not going to produce great storytelling. 
Part of my resistance too is building the side story and making sure that I get to write good Waverly/Nicole moments because those are important to me. And then my other struggle is that I’m a WynDolls shipper but I love the shit out of Doc and I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and feed him cake … or something, idk where I was going with that except that I’m going to have a hard time writing WynDolls like I want to because it will mean that I’m hurting Doc. 
Listen, I realize that the real Doc Holliday is quite dead and that the John Henry on the TV show is a fictional character played by an actor but that doesn’t make hurting their fictional feelings any easier for me. I don’t like hurting people, apparently not even fictional ones. 
I have a lot of where I want the story to go settled in my mind but sometimes getting there is tricky. I may try to write a scene I know I want to have and then adjust it later when I fit it in with other parts of the story. I want to be writing and I want to be building this story (it would be so amazing if I could post it before the show starts back). I may make that story my priority for April writing. 
I am about halfway through the first round of editing my soulmates story. I thought I would be doing a lot of cutting but so far that hasn’t been true. Once I get through it, I’ll be sending it over to my darling Rebby so she can have a look and then I’ll go through it once more and post it at that point. I’m looking forward to posting it. Not so much because I think there will be much response (there are 13 people in the fandom, maybe) but I’ll be glad to see it finished. I haven’t posted much of anything lately and it’ll be good just to be “back in the game” for a lack of a better way to put it. 
I’m out of dry shampoo which is disappointing. It means I’ll probably have to take a shower in the morning (the horror!) so I’d better get to sleep. I’ve got a lot of planning calls on the schedule for tomorrow so being rested would be a good idea. 


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