Mar. 29th, 2017

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I was trying to work on this Wynonna Earp fic (totes Wayhaught of course but a lot of friendship/family drama lol) but I just couldn't organize it today. I made a start on it a month or so ago and it just wasn’t working so I started moving around parts and reworking others and adding to it as I went along. There is another part I need to add in from the original but my brain isn't looking at it right. Part of it is that I’m using the iPad and it’s difficult to do that much copying and pasting. I’m not sure why, exactly. Part of it is possibly the smaller screen of course but I think being able to view things side by side is a huge help when doing that instead of switching back and forth between the documents. I mean I love my iPad and it’s an awesome tool, but sometimes you really do need a computer. Granted, there may be a way to do that on the iPad screen but I think there are other factors as well. 
A lot of it is my brain today. It’s felt disjointed and weird all day. I had a really hard time tracking my sentences and I found myself having to start sentences I say every day over again so I probably sounded like an idiot which is frustrating, especially since our new VP went around introducing himself to everyone. I think I also had pasta sauce on my shirt, but oh well, what can you do? And he was very nice and approachable. The VP we had previously is working as a VP in a different area now. One that I think will be good for her. Not to say she wasn’t good at what she was doing - she was probably one of the best at what she was doing but there was a whole big restructuring and I think they really put her in a good spot. I will be thankful to not have to listen to her 5,382 jangle bracelets as she talks with her hands quite so often. 

It was a weird day in general too. My friend Emily, in the cubicle across from mine, started moving around frantically and saying "Oh no. Oh nooo." And looking like something was lost. I almost got up. I asked her what was wrong and she told me to stay where I was and not to move. I was very confused. She walked away after telling me to stay put and a few moments later one of the other ladies came over with a back scratcher and some tissues. Apparently there was a spider. Emily knows that I feel the same way about spiders that she feels about snakes which is basically pure panic and uncontrollable fear. 
I’m annoyed that I wasn’t able to make more progress on the story but I probably just need a good night’s sleep so I think I’ll go try to get that. 


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