Mar. 17th, 2017

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I had a pretty productive day overall. I did leave work about an hour and a half early from work so I could do a few things. I got more boxes from the ABC store, grabbed some chicken and butter from the grocery store, some medicine from CVS, walked the dog, played a mix of fetch and chase with the dog (who needs some extra love because she’s used to having mom around and dad sometimes and with just me here being super busy she does not get enough attention), read for a little bit, and did some more work on my closet in the decluttering project. After all that I fixed dinner and watched Grimm “with Rebby” - you know via AIM from 400 miles (almost) away. 

I was so relieved that the interaction with Juliette/Eve that Nick had in the episode made it seem like he wouldn't be getting back with her. I am worried that he’ll get dead fighting for the cause, but I’m still hopeful that there will be a happy ending for him and Adalind. Of course I hope that there will be an awesome ending for Rosalee, Wu, and Hank as well. I would like to see Juliette get a happy ending and I’m not currently sure how I feel about Sean. Sean is a prick but I do usually like how he is with Diana. She’s the most terrifying creature on the planet but he loves the shit out of her. I was initially annoyed that he didn’t go chasing after her when she got kidnapped but again, she’s the most horrifying wesen on the show … well up to the ugly ass skull-y, glowing eyed Satan-like creature in the “other place” we met in this episode - so letting her take care of herself made a lot of sense to just let her have a bit of fun with her “abductor”. But my priority is Nick with Adalind with a happy ending, lol. I know. It’s ridiculous. I’m ridiculous. Moving on. 

So with the exception of shelving at the library and probably some writing and definitely some eating, I intend to spend the next three days decluttering. I’ve been chipping away here and there for the last few weeks, but I want to see some really big progress in the next few days. With a little elbow grease and some luck, I’m guessing that I could get most - maybe all! - of my spaces done. Since I’m not talking about the whole house but instead just a few rooms (bathroom, bedroom/closet, parts of the loft and hall) I think it’s pretty reasonable to assume that I could get pretty close to done. 

I have two computers I need to take to Best Buy and I have some other tech floating around that I need to make decisions about. There are a couple of things that are technically dad’s that I think he’ll need to make final decisions about, but I’ll probably hand them back to him and tell him what kind of options he has has for getting rid of them. 

I also have an X-Box One, the Kinect piece, and a few games that I think really isn’t worth me having. The only time I use the damn thing is to watch Blu-Rays and I feel like I’d be better off getting a blu-ray player I like for my room than having that monstrosity and all the games in my space. It’s not that it’s a bad piece of equipment, it just wasn’t for me. I bought it because I thought my Wii was dead and I liked the Wii Zumba. The x-box had something similar which I thought would be good, but I didn’t enjoy it as much and as it turned out, the Wii wasn’t broken after all. I’m thinking I may try to sell that. Not that I’ll get anywhere near what I paid for it, but it would be nice to get a little more back than $0.

I’m sleepy and I’ve a big weekend so I’m gonna be going to head to bed. Night y’all!


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