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I bought about 10 or eleven pen packs today of varying types. I wanted to do some research about my favorite pens especially since the morning pages are supposed to be handwritten. I know I could use any pen for that sort of thing, but if I’m going to do that much handwriting, I want it to be with a pen I like not just a plain BIC pen - no offense to BIC or anything. I bought a bunch of them at the Dollar Store (bomb!) and a few at the grocery store. I got a few pens that are really just for fun - like a set of scented ones (blueberry, strawberry, grape) that are blue, pink, and purple. 

I’ve discovered that Pentel is my favorite brand of pen. I wasn’t in love with their “just right” rollerball pen even though it’s one of the smoothest writing utensils I’ve ever used because I’m an ink snob. I want my ink to be the blackest black, and I want it to be bold and striking and still not bleed through the paper. Of course, I want the writing to be smooth too. That all said, one of their other pens - the EnerGelX or something like that, was amazing. They had a pack of two at the Dollar Tree. 1mm, ink exactly the way I want it, and damn smooth writing. The Inc. R2 .7mm was probably my second favorite, and the Uni-Ball Bold Air came in third. I tried two different “Stylio” pens; one by Sharpie and one by PenMarc (I think I got that right). I liked them, and I think they’ll come in handy at some point, but they weren’t smooth enough for scribbling morning pages. 

The “Just Right” pens would probably make the most sense for the morning pages, but they’re my morning pages, and I can be weird about them if I want. 

I need to write more of my alien story/first draft for the workshop. I need to have it posted to the other workshop site so I can get some feedback this week and start editing by Monday so that it can maybe a have little more work on Tuesday and I can mail it off on Wednesday. While I was out and about, I got a padded envelope that I think will do nicely for sending my manuscript. I’m hoping that helps me be more committed to the task. I really wanted to have it posted to the workshop tonight, but I feel like I’m a long way off from having the story resolved. I feel I may need a couple more thousand words and I know I can get another chunk down tonight. I mean I wrote 1,400 words in it last night, but like, she just got out of the woods. She still needs to get back to her place, figure out how to help the little aliens, and send them safely off and then realize what she’s learned from the experience and show that she’s “grown.” I’m not sure how many words that’s going to take, but I think it’s going to be more than 1,400. Of course, maybe not! 

I should do what I can though. I have to be up early since we’re headed down to the beach in the morning and mom wants to leave by 9:30. I need to shower which will likely take close to an hour, and we have to finish packing the car. At the same time, I slept in until almost 1:30 pm today (I was up until like 3 am writing in my defense), so I don’t know how tired I am and how early I’ll be able to get to sleep. Though, knowing me if I when to bed and committed to going to sleep with my sleep story on, I’d be out in a couple of minutes. Actually, that does sound good. 

Anyway, I’d better get some story writing done. *Peace*

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I started “The Artist’s Way” Recovery program today. Who knows how this is going to go long term but I suppose I can always start over if I need to. One of the frustrating things is that I can’t read over the “morning pages” which I know are mostly word vomit anyway so it’s not that I want to read them. The thing is, I’d like to count them towards my word goals for the day but they’re to be handwritten, not typed, no one is to see them or read including me, so physically counting the words isn’t an option because there's too much risk of me reading them. Not re-reading your morning pages is part of battling your “Inner Censor” or, The Cruel Critic as I’m starting to think of mine. My inner voice is an asshole y’all. I mean, I always knew that but one of the assignments for this week was to write down what the inner voice came up with when you wrote out “I, (insert name here), am a brilliant prolific writer.” 

And dude? I’m a fucking asshole. One of the things from therapy was being nicer to myself and the truly terrifying part of seeing the things I’ve said about myself in my own head is that I used to be worse. I wish I could understand how I got so hateful towards myself. Like, okay kids were assholes to me and I always felt out of place and awkward, but I don’t think any of them were ever as mean as I was to myself. 

One of the things she recommends is searching for who might have given you these insecurities and fears. Like trace them back to their originators. And while I was picked on for being overweight, a nerd, weird, wearing unfashionable clothes, not understanding personal hygiene for a while (don’t all sixth graders go through this?), etcetera etcetera etecera, I cannot think of a single instance when someone told me my writing was bad or that I should give up. In fact, as I search through my memories to writing classes and workshops, I can’t remember anything but kindness, support, and encouragement. So what the fuck? Did I do this to myself? And if so, how did this happen? How, growing up with a father who still says “when are you gonna write that bestseller?” In a completely, “you can do it so you should do it already” way do I still think of my writing as worthless trash? How did all those supportive, kind words go so far astray?

I had a teacher in high school who drove me to and from the UNC Charlotte campus from the boonies of Rowan County every day for two weeks so that I could participate in a writing workshop. A workshop I remember fondly and still have the booklet with our work and the notecards the participants wrote for me (we all wrote something nice for each participant). That seem teacher essentially created a Creative Writing II class at the high school so I could keep taking a creative writing course. My college professor weren’t really any less supportive. My classmates were supportive. But I guess I spent too much time thinking I would never be able to write a poem half as amazing as any poem Jason Mott ever wrote (he wrote The Returned, which was as a TV series for a minute and yes, we went to college together and I was in several classes with him even though I was a couple of years behind him and he is amazing - as a writer, as a poet, and as a person). 

She talks about parents telling their kids to be “reasonable” but my dad told me to do my best and as long as I was happy I could be a (and this is a direct quote) “Redundant (unemployed) Siberian Shit-Shoveler from Sheffield” for all he cared. How amazing is that? My mother (so long as she continues to believe I’m straight, I guess, who knows what will happen if she ever figures out I’m definitely not that) thinks the sun shines out my ass and I could do anything I wanted including writing Christmas movies for the Hallmark Channel. 

They talk about mean teachers and while I was terrified of Mrs. Teague I don’t remember her ever being discouraging. I had one teacher who wouldn’t call me by my preferred name but her class was also the class that I first truly understood that I wanted to write a book one day (I was in the first grade - about 6 years old) and that’s one of my two clear memories from that class (the other was refusing to answer by my given name instead of my nickname - I wish I still had that spunk 6 year old me had - she was badass). So not her then. My 6th grade English teacher was also a creative writing teacher and she was phenomenal. She chose my essay as a winner so I could be the “Lady” of our medieval castle day. My 7th grade teacher let me stay after school and use his computer to write the story I was supposed to write for his class. It was only supposed to be about five pages, but it was 25 by the time I was done. He even let me turn it in late with no penalty because I was enthusiastic about the project. 

I mean seriously, I cannot think of a single villain in my pursuit of the creative except myself. 

And isn’t that just a bitch? I can’t be mean to myself about it when I’m supposed to be helping myself heal. I mean beating myself up about it will not do me any good. I wish I had someone to blame though. I wish there was someone I could point to and go “There! That’s it! That’s the moment I started telling myself I could never really write! And it is his/her fault.” It would be so nice to have an external person to blame. But I don’t. And so I’ll just have to find a way to 1) forgive myself and 2) encourage and be kind to myself. 

I see a lot more affirmations in my future. 

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I hit the resistance again today. After having not felt it for a few days, it was annoying to have it back. That’s okay though. I know that these types of things are common. I’m glad to have had some days without the resistance. I’ve read a little more of the book “The Artist’s Way” and I really do want to try her program. At the same time I feel incredibly overwhelmed about the upcoming things I have going on in my life. The next two weeks only involve a couple of weekend trips and a few appointments, but then it’s back to work during the busy season. Fall is always crazy in a way that Spring just never is. We’ll have the week in Atlanta for our sales kick off and then a couple of weeks later I’ll be taking off for DragonCon, plus there will be a visit from J who is coming in from California right before DragonCon. Then September and October tend to be my busiest work months. November is crazy. Honestly between the second week in August and the second week in December, I rarely have time to take a breath. And yes, I realize that there is never a “good time” to start a 12 week program but I think some times are just seriously worse than others. And fall is definitely the worst and busiest part of my year, bar none. At least while I’m working for Scholastic.

At the same time, I have a story to try to write, re-write, edit, and mail by July 25th. And if I’m blocked, I’m screwed. I really wanted to have the first draft written by Wednesday and I have no idea if that is going to happen. If I could get the first draft done by Wednesday, I know I could mail it by the following Tuesday (the 25th) or Wednesday at the latest and I feel like that’s enough time for it to make it to Atlanta by the 1st of August (the following Tuesday). Granted, I supposed I always have the option to just cancel the workshop. It’s just that I know I’d be canceling out of fear. The fear is what has me blocked anyway. It’s hard to be creative when you’re just so damned afraid. The “I have to write something good!” is so hateful to my creative brain and I know I’m not being fair to myself. At the same time, I don’t know how to stop. This lady says she knows how to help. That she can teach that part. I don’t know if she can tell me how to be a better storyteller, I think that’s something I have to learn other places and practice. But she says she does have a system for becoming consistently creative without all the blocked nonsense all the time. She calls it a recovery program, like AA or something. And I think I believe her.

And that’s the thing right? Like, what if she’s right? What if she doesn’t know exactly how to loosen up the strangle hold the inner critic has on my creative self? If that’s the case, how can I possibly justify putting it off?

Not to mention, as frustrating as my job can be and as busy as it can be, I only spend 40 hours there a week. I don’t take my job home with me, ever, and even if I stay until we close at 5pm every day of the week, that still puts me home in the evening with plenty of time to do creative work. And if there’s anything I’ve learned from the last 8 months or so, it’s that I absolutely cannot give up my creative pursuits because to give them up would be to give up on my mental health and that is something I know I cannot do.

She forewarns that it can be a difficult, emotionally exhausting journey, one that I’ll likely want to quit. Which means the other thing standing in my way is fear. Fear of what I’ll find and what I’ll feel and what I’ll have to face. Those aren’t things I can take lightly. I know everyone has a shitstorm of issues inside them - maybe some more than others but still I doubt anyone has been untouched by some sort of trauma at some point. I think we all build up walls of lies in some form or fashion so that we don’t have to face the things we don’t like about ourselves. It’s probably pretty normal to fear that too.

I fear I’ll be too tired from work to be able to handle whatever crises this thing makes me face. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to face what I need to face. I’m afraid I’ll quit.

I mean, I can’t fail if I don’t try, right? Which is, of course, exactly the attitude I’ve been hiding behind for years that I promised myself I wouldn’t let win (at least not on a regular basis anyway) earlier this year.

On top of all this, I go back to work in like two weeks and I’m dreading it. Part of me looks forward to seeing Emily at work all the time and I certainly don’t want to stay on unemployment no matter how much I wish I could retire already. The last few weeks have positively flown by and I know the next two weeks will be gone even faster. I’m trying to savor them, of course but they’ll still go by quickly. I keep hoping that by the end of these next two weeks, when I’m thinking, “Yup, back to work tomorrow,” that I’ll be sort of ready for it. Maybe not bored with being off exactly, I don’t think that’s possible, but ready. Maybe if Fall and Spring were reversed and spring was the busier season and fall was quiet and I could “ease” into going back to work, that would be more likely. And granted, it’s not impossible. It’s a six week break and that’s no small break. It’s really, really not. I mean, how many people get that kind of time off? Teachers, of course, get a bit more than that, but they take their jobs home with them every day. I’d bet those kids are always on their minds. Not to mention all the other crap they put up with, like parents and the government making dumb laws about standardized tests. Granted, I have to put up with a lot of Parent-Teacher-Associations/Organizations members. That is a mixed bag, I can tell you that. Although, so is working with teachers, librarians, and staff.

Sigh, I’m on a tangent. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I don’t want to start something I’m not committed to doing but I don’t want to not commit to something because I’m being a scared little wuss. I could probably debate this all night. Go round and round with myself about it but I’m not sure that it would help. I think I’ll go try a prompt and then maybe read for a bit. I’ve got a dentist appointment tomorrow so I’ll have to be in bed at an almost reasonable hour tonight.

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1) Survive and complete goals for Writo de Mayo - write at least 17k words and at least 26 days out of the 31 (meaning I can go without writing anything at all for five days out of the month).

2) Figure out getting the car fixed without tears and without dragging feet (too much). 

3) Read my book club book "White Horses". 

4) Read another book for my alphabet challenge. 

5) Update the alphabet challenge. 

6) Write at least two of my 100 Things posts which you can follow here.

7) Finish all the stories for  [livejournal.com profile] love_bingo. If possible, I'd like to post them. 

8) Finish at least another disk (preferably 2) of Sailor Moon Season 4. 

9) Continue to make progress in book cataloging. 

10) Pick my next writing project (along the lines of another [livejournal.com profile] avengers_tables or the [livejournal.com profile] love_bingo card). 

Well folks, I believe it's nap time for me. I'm seeing Avengers in just a few hours - SQUUUEEEEEEE!!!! <3

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Title: Thiever of iPods aka Dad
Characters: Darcy Lewis, Phil Coulson, Jane Foster, Erik Selvig
Summary: After all Jane's research is taken, Darcy calls her dad.
Verse: Marvel Movie Universe. / Thor 2011
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Small ones for Thor the Movie and one for my story "Pain in the... Head" as this is a sort of prequel 
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: *I make no money from this and I mean no disrespect or harm. I'm also pretty sure that I am not damaging profits for those who do own the rights in anyway.*

[livejournal.com profile] love_bingo Prompt - Fatherhood


 Theiver of iPods aka Dad

Darcy has some very choice words for her father. )

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1) Plan the Wilmington Avengers Adventure (aka going to Wilmington, NC to hang out with my friend Jason and going to see the Avengers). 
Time off - Check

Schedule Coordinated for Traveling - Check-ish

Picking a time and getting tickets - No where near...
2) Get new sheets.

3) Catalog what comics I have in which series in a way that is mobile so that I don't pick up duplicates. 


Bought more comics and added them too. 
4) Start Cataloging my books. 
So far I've added 118 of my books. I've still got a long way to go before I've got all my books, but this is a very good start. 
5) Take the printers and the old cameras to Best Buy to be recycled. 

Check, check. 
6) Write 15,000 words. 

This is going very well. Less than 5,000 words left to go - Woot!
7) Finish at least one story from my [livejournal.com profile] avengers_tables and if possible two as that will complete the table. 

One check, two check, and table? Check!
8) Write a story for [livejournal.com profile] love_bingo

Check! Two done, one is in the editing process and the other is finished, but can't be posted yet (this other story has to be posted first, but it's LONG and editing it is a BITCH). 
9) Get and read my book club book. 

Got the book, check. Reading the book in progress. 

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Title: One Time It Wasn't Tony’s Fault

Characters: Tony Stark and Clint Barton (mentions of Black Widow/Natasha and Pepper Potts)

Pairing: Sort of Natasha/Clint and can be read as Tony/Pepper

Summary: Tony goes to the Medical Ward and runs into a fellow Avenger.

Verse: Marvel Movie Universe

Rating: Teen for adult situations and sexual concepts (there is no sex in the story).

Spoilers: Absolutely none.

Warnings: None, really.

Disclaimer: As much as I like to pretend, I have absolutely no rights to these characters.

Big thanks yet again to [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill, who is awesome.

This is a part of my "Texts From Last Night" mini-table stories.

The mini-table information is here.

And the AO3 link here.

One Time It Wasn’t Tony’s Fault

(But Just this One Time)

Medical  )

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I have to say that I'm kind of excited about how well I'm doing with my monthly "To-Do" Lists. It seems that "publicly" making lists and then "publicly" announcing my success seems to be a good motivator for not ignoring (or forgetting) to do the things I said I want to do. 

So now that the I've changed the calendar from Auggie to Will and Declan (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill for my awesome calendar full of my favorite hotties), I believe it is time to make April's list of shit to get done. 

1) Plan the Wilmington Avengers Adventure (aka going to Wilmington, NC to hang out with my friend Jason and going to see the Avengers). 

This is going to involve getting a couple of days off or my schedule changed, my schedule coordinated with Jason's, and buying tickets ahead of time. 

2) Get new sheets.

3) Catalog what comics I have in which series in a way that is mobile so that I don't pick up duplicates. 

4) Start Cataloging my books. 

I was going through and cleaning and tidying up my books and I found three titles that I had 2 copies of apiece. That means there were 3 books I totally wasted money on - yeah I was a little peeved. Especially since two of them I have yet to read and one of them I started and couldn't finish because it was so badly written. You can imagine my annoyance. Now, I don't have a lot of comics (yet) but I have a TON of books. Most of the books I read, if I don't absolutely love them beyond love, I take them to the used bookstore which means that the vast majority of the books I have, I haven't read which makes it a lot harder to remember that I have it. I want to catalog my books in much the same way and for much the same reason as I do my comics. However, this is a massive undertaking and with every thing else I've got going on, I don't wanna push to complete this in a month. I do, though, want to make sure I get a good start on this. 

5) Take the printers and the old cameras to Best Buy to be recycled. 

6) Write 15,000 words. 

7) Finish at least one story from my [livejournal.com profile] avengers_tables and if possible two as that will complete the table. 

8) Write a story for [livejournal.com profile] love_bingo 

9) Get and read my book club book. 
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1) Read "Hunger Games" for Book Club.


2) Finish the 3rd part of "You're to Blame" or all the parts of my table, preferably both, but realistically that's likely to be too much. 

Finished part 3 of "You're to Blame", finished one story from the table. So Check. 

3) Write at least as much in March as I did in February. 

Check, but more on this later 

4) Work on the money situation. 

Going alright. Mostly. Eh. Work in Progress. 

5) Say yes to one social-able invitation that includes more than book club, fellowship, or friends who live in a different area, preferably involving people who you have not hung out with socially in the past.   

Eh. Did go to a birthday party... Eh.

6) Make it so that you aren't the only one who can see the improvements in your living spaces. 

Cleaned the crap out of my room. You can sit on the couch! Still got a junk desk essentially, but the improvement was "photo worthy". Should've taken a before and not just after pics. 

7) Finish at least one, preferably two alphabet challenge books. 

I did read two books for my alphabet list: Vanish and Kiss or Kill.

8) Decide of pointless posts like these count towards writing, and if so how to include them in the count... If they do count, require the word count for March be higher than that of February by at least 500 words. 

Ah yes. So the decision was yes. I did include my ramblings from livejournal. 

In February, I ended up with about 17,000 words which I didn't think was too shabby. Did I beat it? Yes, yes I did. 

Okay, I know it's really silly, but I'm actually super excited about how much writing I did this month. The story I worked on the most is about to be edited so it is going to be a while before it is posted, though I'm very excited about it as it is the longest single part piece I've written. 

The grand total end of the month word count? 27,100 meaning I wrote 10,000 more words this month than last. 

There's no way in hell I do that in April, but it sure as hell felt awesome to write so very much when there are so many other things going on as well with work, other goals, and things with my family.

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Title: Found Nude In Tree
Characters: Tony Stark and Clint Barton
Summary: Clint got a ticket and it's all Tony's fault.
Verse: This sort of transcends movie verus comic universe idea and just goes for a cracky version of the essence of the characters.
Rating: Teen for language and drunken shenanigans
Spoilers: Absolutely none.
Warnings: Tony Stark.
Disclaimer: They are mine, all of them! Okay, not really, but that would make me happy.
Big thanks yet again to shanachie_quill, who as always, helps save my comma-happy ass.
This is the third of my "Texts From Last Night" mini-table stories.
The mini-table information is here.
And the AO3 link here.

Found Nude in Tree

It's always Tony's fault. )

TV Land

Mar. 16th, 2012 10:53 pm
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I have to say that aside from recent breaks (which I'm surprisingly okay with if only because I've been getting so much writing done) TV Land has been very, very kind to me. 

1) Chin/Summer - I realize it was a very, very brief moment between Chin and Summer in the recent episode of The Mentalist, but I squealed my pants off when I watched it. I mean I seriously squee-ed myself. It made me so very happy to see them together. 

2) Walter - I love Walter. Walter is well, Walter is Walter. Further, Walter math is never wrong and if you haven't checked it out, I high recommend that you do. 

3) In Plain Sight is back for its final season. I'm interested to see how they handle this.

4)  Well Ladies and Gents of my mostly imaginary audience, it's happening. That's right, NCIS:LA and H50 are cross-overing (I'm aware that's not a real word, just go with it) with each other.

I can't begin to say how excited I am. Cannot even. 

For your enjoyment! Or mine. Whichever. 

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1) Read "Hunger Games" for Book Club.

2) Finish the 3rd part of "You're to Blame" or all the parts of my table, preferably both, but realistically that's likely to be too much. 

3) Write at least as much in March as I did in February. 

4) Work on the money situation. 

5) Say yes to one social-able invitation that includes more than book club, fellowship, or friends who live in a different area, preferably involving people who you have not hung out with socially in the past.  I will null this if the only invitation is to go on a date with a guy I'm not comfortable saying yes to. I do need a good reason to not be comfortable, though, no offense meant to any one who has them, but having children counts - I'm not ready to be in dating situation that involves children. It is important that I stay out of the lives of children I cannot, at this time in my life, commit to. Also, this does not require me to say yes to people I don't like, such as Wendy, who makes me angry but seems to think we're friends. 

6) Make it so that you aren't the only one who can see the improvements in your living spaces. 

7) Finish at least one, preferably two alphabet challenge books. 

8) Decide of pointless posts like these count towards writing, and if so how to include them in the count... If they do count, require the word count for March be higher than that of February by at least 500 words. 
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Title: Brand New Start (Series: You're to Blame)
Characters: Darcy/Clint, (Phil Coulson and Tony Stark make appearances)
Summary: Clint paces and cooks.  Darcy is impressed. 
Timeline/Movie Setting: Avengers 2012 or after... sort of...
Rating: Explicit for language, adult concepts, and sex.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Het, Tony Stark, and  WIP.
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. But they should! Gimmmeeee.
Author's Note: This chapter is complete and not terribly cliff-hanger-y, but it is the second in a series. So WIP!
Um, in case y'all didn't know - [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill is The Best. 

Because LJ refuses to work with me and keeps making the font different in different places or ERASING MY FUCKING PARAGRAPH BREAKS (sorry), I'm not posting the story here at this time. I have posted it at AO3 HERE. Thank you :)

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1) Write something and keep track of the daily word count - ish. 

- Totally updating my word count excel sheet every day. I plug in the story word count at the end of the day and it - viola! - tells me what I've written (I've written a little over 12,300 words thus far this month and today is in fact the first day I have not written at least some in one of my stories).

2) Finish something I'm writing, dammit.

- I finished first and second parts of "You're to Blame" (second part currently in the Beta/Editing phase).
- I finished MASH which is a coda of sorts to my "Truth or Dare" series (also currently in the Beta/Editing phase)
- I have begun going over other stories in hopes that one of them will poke back at me so I can work more on them. I realized have nearly 9,000 words in story which I would one day like to finish especially since I have already spent so much freaking time on it.

3) Read/Finish two books from the "Alphabet Challenge" 

- One book down! Will be updating my list soon.

If you're interested in what I'm doing click here.
If you'd like to see what I've read so far, you can see that here

4) Do some tidying up in the room. 

- I dusted!
- I threw out all the trash from my couch (yes, there is a small couch in my room - it is mostly used as a way station for my books, bags, and clothes).
- Organized all my stuff for doing my taxes. 
- Got all the books onto shelves or in crates and boxes (aka off the couch and floor).

5) Don't be a complete recluse. 

- Went to see "The Woman in Black" with friends and had drinks after. 
- Spent Thursdays at Fellowship (okay not necessarily ambitious socially, but an evening out of the house counts).
- The 29th will be Book Club, so there's that with the gang. 
- Going to see Jaymie, though this may not be until the first of March, so we'll see if this counts (or not).
- I feel like there's more and I've just forgotten it. 

6) Don't spend money I don't actually have. 

- This appears to be going okay. I mean, there's a lot of work I need to do on the car and I'm not sure how I'm going to pay for it. But hey, so far, so good. 

Side notes: Still obsessed with Jeremy Renner, looking into actually reading comic books not just watching movies "based" on them, I NEED more Cho/Summer in my life (which may or may not result in the search for fanfic) and free episodes on iTunes FTW.
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Spoiler! Spoiler! Spoiler!  Spoiler!  Spoiler!  Spoiler!  Spoiler! 



By clicking this link, you hereby relinquish any rights to blame the writer of this blog for spoilers for “At First Blush” that you may encounter herein. )

Dear Lord in Heaven, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm not sure I want you to fix it. At this moment in time, I am very much enjoying the insanity I have been blessed with. 

Night y'all!


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