Mar. 26th, 2017

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I am writing - well, I'm typing, but whatever - from my writing nook! I HAVE A WRITING NOOK! I think I was bragging about this yesterday, but I'm not over yet, so you're going to have to hear about it for a while longer. 

What's even more awesome is that I have a new (to me) office chair! It's a little scratched but it about 1000% more comfortable than the chair I had and it cost me $0!! I am incredibly thrilled with it. And it fits well into the space I've made for my writing. 

I spent a little time writing a short story this evening. I'm still working on. It's a little silly something but I haven't written anything fictional since I finished my soulmates story (of which I've edited about 15%) and I haven't written any original fiction since the beginning of the month, so I wanted to flex that muscle a little. It's been fun to write so far, and the story went in a direction I had not originally anticipated which is always fun. Plus, I have a writing nook with a new comfortable chair so, hello, I have to use it for something. 

Seriously, though, today was a great day. Mom and I got massages (where I got my chair actually), took the dog to the local park, had a nice lunch out, picked up my new Blu-Ray player, read outside for a bit, and then had dinner and watched a Columbo. I also watched "Arrival" which I thought was good but my mom struggled with the flashes of Amy Adams with her daughter since (and you find this out in the first like 3 minutes) the daughter dies. My mom has two daughters she loves to pieces, and I think that was just too hard for her. She is more sensitive than I am and that is saying A LOT. We stopped it about half way through to watch Columbo, and I finished it later by myself. 

I am just so, so happy with my space because it feels marvelous and having this safe writing space is phenomenal. I have to get the art hung up, but otherwise, my room is in a comfortable place. 

Okay, bed time. 
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I've been trying to write for about the last 27 minutes, and I have 25 words to show for it. That is not an exaggeration. I think part of my problem is that I'm trying to write an "action" scene of sorts and I don't feel very confident in my ability to write those. I'd like to make it fun but also sound like it's plausible which is the part where my confidence wanes. I'll probably ask for some help on it later, but for now, I need to get some words down so I can go to bed. I've got a big day tomorrow, and there is shit to do at work I'm sure especially since I took last Friday off. I was in good shape before I left on Thursday for the most part, but I have more on my plate this week than last. 

We also have a bunch of corporate people that are going to be in the office, and we've been asked to dress a little more business and a little less casual for the week.  Our managers have gotten very relaxed with our dress code so I can't complain about a week or two here and there where they want us to dress a little nicer. This, of course, means waking up a little earlier than normal and putting more effort into appearances. I have laid out a dress for tomorrow. It's a casual, cute dress but I figure it's probably better than jeans. Tomorrow I'll wear my gray slacks probably. After that, I'm not sure. I'll see what everyone else is doing with the "dress nicer" request and go from there. 

I was thinking earlier today about what I'd written down as my goals for the decluttering adventure and wondering if I'd met those goals. I hadn't had them in front of me while I was working and I couldn't remember what I'd written since it had been more of a free write/sprint write than anything else. 

Here is the list of goals:

1) Anything visible in the room will be something regularly used or visually pleasing. 
2) My bookshelves will be tidy. 
3) I will get rid of at least one piece of furniture. 
4) All my clothes will be hung up or in the dresser. 
5) I will have a reasonable number of shoes that are all at least semi-functional. 
6) There will be nothing piled on the floor with the possible exception of dirty clothes in a hamper or bag. 
7) I will have room to do Zumba. 
8) I will have a designated space for writing or otherwise being creative, and it will be comfortable and inviting space. In this space will only be those things which are creative aids, inspirational, or for comfort. 
9) My room will be relatively easy to dust and vacuum. 
10) I will have a fan I like to help me keep the room cooler. 
11) I will have things on the wall I enjoy and that are empowering.  
12) I will feel good about being in the room and find it peaceful and enjoyable. 

It's amazing that writing out what I wanted, even without having the list in front of me, seems to have helped me. I haven't finished organizing my bookshelf because I haven't picked a flow yet, but it will be quite manageable to organize the books once I've made that choice. My closet is incredible shape, and while there are a lot of shoes in there, it's a much more reasonable amount, and everything is wearable. There's nothing in there that would be likely to break my ankle when I attempt a step. I have my favorite pictures, and baubles set out nicely. They will still be annoying to dust my considering how much of my furniture is no longer packed full of piles of assorted knick-knacks, papers, books, and writing paraphernalia it will be much less difficult to move things around to dust. My floor space is now mostly open so that vacuuming will be easy, and there is lots of room to do Wii Zumba or some other exercise. 

The busted, dust magnet pile of plywood and plastic I called a TV stand is G-O-N-E, and I'm not sure I was ever so thankful to throw something away. That was majorly helpful in opening up space in the room for my speaker/footrest and Zumba. I turned one of my desks into the "entertainment center" which is working out wonderfully. Moving the desk where the entertainment center had been, opened up the area which is now my writing nook. I did end up bringing in my DVD/Blu-ray collection that had mostly been in the loft. However, I got rid of enough of that collection that I was able to fit it on only one set of shelves and a little bit of the entertainment center instead of two or three wracks and a shelf of my plastic tub in the hallway. The stand now fits comfortably in the room and looks nice beside the TV. 

I haven't gotten a new fan yet, but thankfully it hasn't been necessary just yet. When summer gets here, it'll be a little more urgent. I have some awesome stuff to put on my walls, but I haven't been able to do that yet. That may be a job for the summer when mom and I are both home and she can help me. It'll take a good bit of time to get all that worked out. 

The most important part of the list, in my mind, is the last thing on it. I so, so nailed it. 


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